What is this?

My website! Check out the about page!

Why did you make a website?

So I could share all my dumb stuff with the world (or at least my family and friends).

Can you make me a website?

NO! I am not a web developer!

What are you, then?

I'm an undergraduate physics student.

If you're a physics student, why aren't you posting about physics?

I've got a lot of different interests, and I do post about physics sometimes.

Can I follow you on [platform]?

I've got a twitter, but that's about it.

Why no JQuery/other JS stuff?

I am not a fan of web page bloat. I wanted this blog to be as minimalist as possible while still looking decent.

Why JS stuff?

Okay, so I do use some JS for visual effects. But the site runs just fine with JS turned off, and I don't see the harm in a few bytes of JavaScript.

How can I comment on your posts?

Currently, you can't (directly). There aren't many good, privacy-perserving static website comment hosting platforms out there. I want the site to remain privacy-friendly and ad-free. If there's a solution out there, feel free to let me know about it.