What is this?

My website! Check out the about page!

Why did you make a website?

So I could share all my silly stuff with the world.

Can you make me a website?

NO! I am not a web developer!

What are you, then?

I'm an undergraduate physics student who likes to dabble in just about everything.

Can I see your CV / Resume?

Sure! This one should be mostly up-to-date, but just in case, please contact me if you need an official version for anything serious.

Can I follow you on [platform]?

I've got a twitter, but that's about it.

What tools are you using to make this website?

This is a static website built from a collection of markdown files that are transformed into .html pages with Metalsmith. In addition to Metalsmith, I am using:

The end result is a clean, lightweight, static website with very few dependencies!